My Approach

As the internet has become more a part of everyday life.  I have found that a lot of small companies don't have a plan how to properly utilize their website, email, social media, data...

Give me 30 mins an I can show you how digital media can add to the value of your organization

Eric Lamar Roane

Digital Media Consultant

I'm a Digital Marketing Consultant for GER Consulting. With 20+ years of sales, marketing, designing, testing and revising websites, I works with clients to coach and advise them on game-changing inbound strategies. I'm Certified from HubSpot Acadmy, My specialty is in user experience and design, ensuring website visitors have the best possible experience. When I'm not helping my clients bring in more leads, you can find me playing pool or beating a video game.

Next Steps...

My dynamic marketing gets results. I apply a series of customized tactics to bring qualified traffic to your site and build relevant content that converts.